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HEART Herning Museum of Contemporary Art: Sculpture Park and Geometrical Gardens
Herning Kunstmuseum
Birk Centerpark 8
DK-7400 Herning
Tel: + 45 97 12 10 33

The Birk Centerpark complex includes the Herning Museum of Contemporary Art (1977) and the smaller Carl-Henning Pedersen and Else Alfelt Museum (1976, preceding the art museum and gardens). The Sculpture Park contains 36 viewing areas in a circular park. The Geometrical Gardens were designed by C. Th. Soerensen. The museum buildings and the gardens are all designed as circles, hence the theme Kunst i Cirkler, ‘Art in Circles’.

Artists in the sculpture park include Robert Jacobsen, Antony Gormley, and Erik Heide.


Naturlagepladsen Himmelhoej
Kalvebod Faelled
Tel: + 45 72 54 20 00

In 2004 artist Alfio Bonanno was commissioned by the Danish Ministry of Environment to create an open-air recreational site for use by the general public that would foster both understand and respect for the natural environment. Bonanno created a series of site-specific installations utilizing elements of wood, stone and earth. The park is located near Copenhagen and can be accessed by the metro (Vestamager Station).

Additional information can also be found on the artist’s website (he was also involved with the Danish park Tickon)

Admission free, open to public


International Sculpture Park, Farum “Farum Skulpturpark”

This small park is located 20 kilometers north of Copenhagen in the town of Farum. The sculpture park originated from an event held in August 1999 when eight artists were invited to create marble works to be permanently sited in the park. The artists represented are: Yael Artsi, Nicolas Bertoux, Tetsuo Harada, Jun-Ichi Inoue, Jesper Nergaard, Cynthia Sah, Pal Svensson, and Kemal Tufan.  The sculpture park is attached to a larger green space that includes the lake, Farum Sø.

Accessible to the public all day, no admission fee.


Krakamarken Nature Sculpture Park
Brusgaardsvej 25,
DK-8900  Randers,
Tel: + 45 8611 2035

This sculpture park covers 70 acres near the city of Randers in the Jutland district of Denmark. The park was conceived by sculptor Jørn Rønnau in collaboration with Teddy Hoffbeck and established in 1988. The first nature works were created in 1992 with the artists’ symposium ExNATURA. 17 artists from Denmark and abroad were invited to create works on the land. New works were produced in 1994 during ExNATURA 2 and in 1995 for ExNATURA 3. In 1997, Rønnau unveiled a new work. Due to financial constraints on Jan. 1 1999, the city of Randers resolved to stop all artistic activity at Krakamarken. The park remains open to the public.

Open from sunrise till sunset, and the entrance is free.
Visit the website for directions to the park and to view an interactive map of the sited works.


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Gl. Strandvej 13,
3050 Humlebæk
Tel: + 45 4919 0791

The Louisiana Museum and sculpture park is located 30 minutes north from Copenhagen and overlooks the Øresund Sound which separates Denmark and Sweden. While the museum was opened in 1958, the sculpture park was not established until 1964. The following timeline has been provided by the museum: “The Jean Arp sculptures were the first international sculptures that the founder of Louisiana, Mr Knud W Jensen acquired in 1963. In the Autumn 1964 The Louisiana Sculpture Park opened with an exhibition from Middelheim Museum in Antwerpen and in the following years the museum built up a collection of international sculptures. The landscape architects of Louisiana Sculpture Park was in the first years, Edth and Ole Nørgaards Tegnestue. Since 1962 it has been landscape architect Vibeke Holscher.” Holscher, along with Lea Nørgaard created the terraces adjoining the museum annex offering a variety of viewing areas. Artists in the outdoor collection include Alexander Calder, César, Henry Heerup, Henry Moore, Isamu Noguchi, and Richard Serra.

Tuesday - Friday 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Public Holidays 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Monday closed
Admission fee – if travelling by train from Copenhagen ask for a “Louisiana Ticket” at the central station which offers a combination rate for return train fare and museum admission.


TICKON: Tranekær Internationale Center for Kunst Og Natur
(translation: Tranekær International Centre for Art and Nature)
Tranekær Castle Park, Langeland
Slotsgade 84
5953 Tranekær
Tel: + 45 6251 3505

Established in 1993 with an international conference that featured site-specific sculptures over 60 acres and include pieces by Chris Drury, Andy Goldsworthy, David Nash, Jørn Rønnau and Alan Sonfist. This site is a continually evolving and changing art landscape that includes park, forest, fields, meadows and a lake all of which can be accessed for commissioned works.

The centre is directed by artist Alfio Bonnano, who also established the Danish park Himmelhoej. Additional information on both parks can also be found on the artist’s website

The park is open year round from sunrise to sunset.


Toerskind Gravel Pit Sculpture Park
Toerskind Grusgrav
Toerskindvej 68
DK-6040 Egtved

This a former gravel pit was converted to a sculpture park by Danish sculptor Robert Jacobsen and French sculptor Jean Clareboudt over five years (1986 – 91) They created nine large-scale sculptures featuring steel, granite and timber with the theme of the suns path through the sky in the course of a day. The park was open to the public in 1991.

Open year round, free admission


Trapholt Sculpture Garden: Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, Applied Arts, Design and Furniture Design
Aeblehaven 23, Kolding
Tel: + 45 (0)76300530

The garden was originally designed by landscape architect Carl Th. Sørensen (who also designed the Geometrical Gardens at Herning) in 1930s, who wanted to create a garden that was a work of art in itself. The garden highlights works by Danish artists, including Lars Ravn, and a sculptural dividing wall by collaborating artist and architect Finn Reinbothe and Boye Lundgaard.

Opening hours:   
Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-8pm
The park is free to access, the museum has an entrance fee.


Veksoelund Sculpture Park
Skulpturparken Veksoelund
Kirkestræde 6, 3670 Veksø
Tel: +45 (0)47107472

Founded in 1978, the Veskølund Sculpture Collection is located on an expansive former agricultural estate. The galley is considered one of the largest of its kind in Denmark, with 5,500 square metres of exhibition space. The collection, which focuses primarily on Danish artists, is displayed indoors and outdoors. Outdoor works are primarily granite and stone.

Open June through September only:
Tuesday - Friday 1PM – 5PM
Saturday - Sunday 10AM – 5PM
Or by appointment

Entrance fee.



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Farum Skulpturpark, Farum, Denmark

Farum Skulpturpark, Farum, Denmark

TICKON, Langeland, Denmark

TICKON, Langeland, Denmark

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