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Vysne Ruzbachy Sculpture Park
Rusbachy Quarry
Vysne Ruzbachy
North East Slovakia

The sculpture park in the town of Vysne Ruzbachy is formed of a growing collection of works from the annual International Sculpture Symposium. Artists Rudolf Uher, Miroslav Chlupac and Andrej Rudavsky first created a series of outdoor sculpture using the stone of the Ruzbachy travertine quarry in 1964, and the following year they initiated the annual sculpture symposium inviting artists to create artworks from the quarry.Over 100 sculptures by international artists are sited.

Vysne Ruzbachy is located at the foot of Mt Spisska Magura and is also known for a collection of travertine craters and a well known natural thermal spa in the area.

Open daily.




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