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Centru Rzezby Polskiej (Centre of Polish Sculpture): Sculpture Garden
ul. Topolowa 1,
26-505 Orońsko
Tel: (+ 48) 48 618 45 16, 48 618 40 27

Dedicated to the production and presentation of Polish sculpture, there is a lage collection of sculpture at the Centre, with over 90 works in the sculpture gardens and every year 200 Polish artists are invited to undertake residencies.

Open daily, except Mondays. Admission is charged.


Krolikarnia: Sculpture Park
ul. Puławska 113a
02-707 Warsaw
Tel:  (22) 843 15 86

Dedicated to the historic works of Polish artist Xawery Dunikowski (died 1964), the Krolikarnia Museum and park, on the grounds of the Krolikarnia Palace, opened in 1965.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays only, from 10am till 4pm (till 6pm on Thursdays and Saturdays).



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