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Kari Huhtamo Foundation
Asiamies, varatuomari Leena Roiko
PL 2222
96201 Rovaniemi
Tel: 040 7475259

Twenty-two sculptures by Finnish sculptor Kari Huhtamo have been installed on the campus of the University of Lapland on 50 year loan from the Kari Huhtamo Art Foundation in Rovaniemi Finland. This is considered the northernmost University and sculpture park. An interactive map of all the sculptures can be found on


Finnish Open Air Museum (FOAM)
Saksala ArtRadius
Karhuntie 11
51600 Haukivuori
Tel: +358 (0)50 4625 675

The Finnish Open Air Museum (FOAM) is a part of the Finnish art centre Saksala ArtRadius and displays a growing collection of contemporary sculpture since the first sculpture symposium on this site in 2005.

FOAM is open at different times throughout the year. From  May till the end of September; Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am - 5pm. From October till the end of May; Saturdays & Sundays, 12 - 4pm.


Lanu Sculpture Park
Kariniemi Grove
Lahti, Finland

Twelve large concrete sculptures by sculptor Olavi Lanu were completed in 1992. The sculptures are both figurative and also feature natural objects such as a boulder, willow tree, or a twisted tree. Meandering footpaths tie the sculptures together into a park like setting. In the summer the sculptures are half covered with foliage, and snow in the winter.
Lahti is an hour train ride northeast of Helsinki.


Mikkeli Sculpture Park
Mikkeli Puisto
Southern Savonia
Eastern Finland

The Mikkeli Sculpture Park began in 2009 with an environmental sculpture exhibition, organised by Marja de Jong (Saksala ArtRadius and FOAM), Lucien den Arend (POAM Sculpture Park) and the Mikkeli Puisto Association.

The sculpture park hosts works on loan by international artists who create art works inspired by the landscape, using locally sourced natural materials. Finnish artists include Kari Huhtamo, Antero Toikka and Lucien den Arend.


Nissbacka Manor Sculpture Park
Sotungintie, Sotunki
Vantaa, Finland 01200

Nissbacka Manor Sculpture Park consists of a collection of sculptures by artist Laili Pullinen. The bronze and granite sculptures and site-specific works are displayed around Nissbacka Manor, within Sotunki Village, a well-preserved 14th century village in the Helsinki region. Laili Pullinen’s work was made and exhibited in celebration of the 650th anniversary of the city of Vantaa.

Nissbacka Manor Sculpture Park is open on Wednesdays and Sundays during the summer.


Penttila Open Air Museum (POAM)
Seppalantie 860
51200 Kangasniemi
Tel: +568 (0)44 264 12 12

POAM is 150 miles northwest of Helsinki in the middle of the lake country. Penttila Estate is an open field located on a sunny slope, surrounded by vast forests, facing southwest. It is the home, studio and collection of artist Lucien den Arend, sculptor. There are 12 large scale steel sculptures in this sculpture park.

Open daily 10am until 5pm.


Pirkkala Sculpture Park
Pirkkala (near Tampere)

Pirkalla municipality, near the town Tempere, Finland, has hosted a number of international sculpture symposia since 2001, bringing international artists and students together to make sculpture for the town. In 2003 the sculpture park was created, displaying a growing collection of these works made out iron, bronze and aluminium.

Read Allison Hunter's writing on "Pirkkala Sculpture Park," in Sculpture magazine, May, 2004: Allison Hunter is an artist, writer and web designer based in Houston, Texas USA.




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POAM, Kangasniemi, Finland

POAM, Kangasniemi, Finland

FOAM, Haukivuori, Finland

FOAM, Haukivuori, Finland

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