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Acton, William Prostitution Considered in its Social and Sanitary Aspects
Acton, William Want of Sexual Feeling in the Female
Allen, Grant The New Hedonism
Anonymous Chronology of crime Legislation
Anonymous Cover of Police News
Anonymous Editorial, The Times, August 19, 1858, p.6.
Anonymous Image of Wilde and Douglas c. 1898
Anonymous Images of the murderer James Rush
Anonymous Parliamentary Debate on Cleveland Street Scandal
Anonymous Pluck, Self-reliance and Discretion (Advice for Scouts)
Anonymous Police poster, 30 September 1888
Anonymous Poster and cartoon referring to Jack the Ripper
Anonymous Punch responds to the ‘outbreak’ of garrotting
Anonymous Report from the Departmental Committee On Prisons
Anonymous Restraining Criminals
Anonymous Review of Krafft Ebing’s Psychopathia Sexualis
Anonymous Royal Commission into Contagious Diseases
Anonymous The Lives of Boulton and Park. Extraordinary Revelations
Anonymous The Popular Herbal Family Medical Guide and Husband and Wife’s Handbook
Anonymous The Spiritual Messenger
Anonymous Various cartoons prompted by the Jack the Ripper murders, highlighting police incompetence

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Baedeker, Karl The Port and Docks
Baedeker, Karl The Serpentine
Barron, G.B. The Constitutional Characterisitics of Dwellers in Large Towns as Relating to Degeneracy
Beresford Chancellor, E. Wanderings in Piccadilly, Mayfair and Pall Mall
Bertillon, Alphonse Photograph of police recruits being trained
Bertillon, Alphonse Photography and the measurement of heads
Bertillon, Alphonse Picture of head
Bertillon, Alphonse Sectional photographs of ears according to the Bertillon system
Bertillon, Alphonse Table of criminal types
Booth, Charles Charles Booth Online ArchiveThis is an external link
Braddon, Mary Elizabeth Lady Audley’s Secret
Brentano, Franz Psychology from an Empirical Point of View: Psychology as a Science
Browne, W.A.F. What Asylums Were, Are, and Ought to Be
Bulwer-Lytton Rosina, A Blighted Life
Burton, Richard The Lake Regions of Central Africa
Butler, Samuel Unconscious Memory
Butter, Henry Marriage for the Million

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Caird, Alice Mona Marriage
Carlyle, Thomas Occasional Discourse on the Negro Question, Fraser’s Magazine
Carpenter, Edward Letter on a banned publication
Carpenter, Edward Love’s Coming of Age
Carpenter, William Benjamin Principles of Mental Physiology
Carus, Carl Gustav Psyche: On the Development of the Soul
Chamberlain, Houston Stewart Die Grundlagen des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts (The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century)
Clarke, John The Practitioners Handbook: Hysteria and Nuerasthenia
Cobbe, Frances Power Dreams, as Illustration of Involuntary Cerebration
Conolly, John The Construction and Governance of Lunatic Asylums and Hospitals for the Insane
Conolly, John The Treatment of the Insane Without Mechanical Restraints
Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness
Craik, Dinah John Halifax, Gentleman

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Dallas, E.S. The Gay Science: The Secrecy of Art
Darwin, Charles The Descent of Man [Race]
Darwin, Charles The Descent of Man [Sexuality]
Darwin, Charles The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals
Darwin, Charles The Origin of the Species
De Quincey, Thomas Suspiria de Profundis
Dickens, Charles Illustrations and excerpts from various novels
Du Maurier, George Trilby

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Ellis, Henry Havelock A Note on the Bedborogh Trial
Ellis, Henry Havelock Man and Woman
Ellis, Henry Havelock Studies in the Psychology of Sex, vol II: Sexual Inversion

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Freeman, Austin In the London Docks
Freud, Sigmund A Note on the Unconscious in Psychoanalysis
Freud, S & Breuer, J Studies in Hysteria

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Galton, Francis Composite Portraits
Galton, Francis Composite Portraits of Criminals
Galton, Francis Composite Portraits of Criminals and Control Composites
Galton, Francis Composite Portraits of Jews
Galton, Francis Hereditary Talent and Character, Macmillian’s Magazine, June and August 1865
Gissing, George In the Year of Jubilee
Gobineau, Arthur de Essai sur l’inigaliti des races humaines (An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races)
Greenwood, James An Opium Smoke in Tiger Bay

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Haslam, John Considerations on the Moral Management of the Insane
Hemyng, Samuel Bracebridge Prostitution In London
Hobson, J.A. The Psychology of Jingoism
Hodgson, R. Reports of Cases of Double Consciousness
Hughes, Thomas Tom Brown’s Schooldays

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Ives, George Cecil Extracts from Ives’ Diary

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Janet, Pierre Mental State of Hystericals: A Study of Mental Stigmata and Mental Accidents

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Kingsley, Charles Great Cities and their Influence for Good and Evil
Kingsley, Charles Nausicaa in London [London]
Kingsley, Charles Nausicaa in London [Victorian Virtues]
Knox, Robert The Races of Men
Krafft-Ebing, R. von Psychopathia Sexualis

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Lacassagne, Jean Alexandre Eugene Photographs of ears and of a gypsy
Lacassagne, Jean Alexandre Eugene Photographs of applied criminal anthropology
Lankester, Edwin Ray Degeneration, A Chapter In Darwinism
Lavater, Johann Kaspar Physiognomische Fragmente zur Beförderung der Menschenkenntnis und Menschenliebe (Physiognomic Fragments for Furthering the Knowledge and Love of Man)
Laycock, Thomas Mind and Brain
Le Bon, Gustav The Crowd [London]
Le Bon, Gustav The Crowd [Unconscious]
Lombroso, Cesare Craniometrical drawings, skulls, montage of criminal faces, photographs of criminals
Lombroso, Cesare Crime: Its Causes and Remedies
Lombroso, Cesare Drawings and Photomontage of Faces
Lombroso, Cesare Drawings of Noses
Lombroso, Cesare Faces of Revolutionaries
Lombroso, Cesare The Man of Genius
Lombroso, Cesare & Ferrero, Guglielmo La Donna delinquente, The Female Offender
London, Jack The People of the Abyss

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Machray, Robert The Night Side of London
Masterman, Charles The Heart of Empire
Maudsley, Henry Body and Mind, Concerning Degeneration
Maudsley, Henry Body and Mind, excerpt 1 [Criminality]
Maudsley, Henry Body and Mind, excerpt 2 [Criminality]
Maudsley, Henry Body and Mind, excerpt 3 [Criminality]
Maudsley, Henry Body and Mind, various excerpts [Madness]
Maudsley, Henry The Pathology of Mind
Maudsley, Henry The Physiology of Mind: Hemispherical Ganglia
Maudsley, Henry The Physiology of Mind: Memory and Imagination
Maudsley, Henry Responsibility in Mental Disease
Mayhew, Henry London Labour and the London Poor
Mearns, Andrew The Bitter Cry of Outcast London
Mercier, Charles Keeping the Public Informed
Mercier, Charles Psychological Medicine, The Lancet
Mill, John Stuart Autobiography
Mill, John Stuart The Negro Question, Fraser’s Magazine
Mill, John Stuart Sir William Hamilton’s Doctrine of Unconscious Mental Modifications
Monro, Henry Articles on Reform in Private Asylums
Moore, William The Necessity of Re-establishing the Contagious Diseases Act
Morison, Alexander Outlines of Lectures on Mental Diseases
Morison, Alexander Outlines of Mental Diseases
Morris, William News from Nowhere, see ch.7This is an external link
Munro, A.C. A Case of Moral Insanity, The Journal of Psychological Medicine and Mental Pathology
Myers, Frederic French Experiments on Strata of Personality
Myers, Frederic The Nineteenth Century: Multiplex Personality
Myers, Frederic The Subliminal Consciousness

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Nietzsche, Friedrich Art and Aesthetics
Nordau, Max Degeneration, Ego Mania
Nordau, Max Degeneration, Fin-de-Siecle [Degeneration]
Nordau, Max Degeneration, Fin-de-Siecle [London]

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Ottolenghi, Salvatore Images from Trattato di polizia scientifica
Oxford English Dictionary Definitions of ‘police’

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Prichard, James Cowles Reasearches into the Physical History of Man

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Ransome, Arthur Bohemia in London
Reade, Charles Hard Cash: A Matter-of-Fact Romance
Reaney, G.S. The Moral Aspect
Romanes, George John Mental Differences Between Men and Women
Ruskin, John Of Queen’s Gardens

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Sala, George Augustus London Up to Date
Savage, George H. Case of Sexual Perversion in a Man
Schelling, Friedrich Ages of the World
Schopenhauer, Arthur The World as Will and Idea
Seacole, Mary Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands
Shaw, George Bernard Letter on the Cleveland Street Scandal
Shaw-Lefevre, C., Rowan, C. & Chadwick, E. Report of the Royal Commission on Constabulary 1839, Appendix G
Simcox, Edith The Capacity of Women
Simmel, Georg The Metropolis and Mental LifeThis is an external link
Sims, George How the Poor Live
Sims, George Italian London and Jewish London
Sims, George Living London
Smiles, Samuel Self-Help
Spencer, Herbert Progress: Its Law and Causes, The Westminster Review, Vol 67
Sperry, Lyman Beecher Confidential Talks with Husband and Wife
Stead, W.T. Resource SiteThis is an external link

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Taine, Hippolyte On Intelligence
Thomson, Sir John Arthur The Position of Woman
Toulouse, E. Photographs of Emile Zola’s hands and fingerprints
Tuke, Daniel Hack Reform in the Treatment of the Insane
Tuke, Samuel A Description of the Retreat

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Watson, Richard Religious Instruction of Slaves in the West India Colonies Advocated and Defended
Wedderburn, Robert The Horrors of Slavery and Other Writings
Weininger, Otto Sex and Character
White, Arnold The Modern Jew
Wilde, Oscar Letter to the Home Secretary
Wynter, Andrew The Borderlands of Insanity

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