Deviance, disorder and the self

Deviance, disorder and the self is a teaching resource for undergraduates in the Humanities. It provides a collection of primary source material, as well as biographical information, general commentary and guides to further reading and research materials. It has been designed primarily to accompany courses taught in recent years by Daniel Pick and Matt Cook, at Queen Mary and Birkbeck Colleges, University of London, and Keele University.

This website was established in 2003/4 by Matt Cook (then at Keele University) and Daniel Pick (then at Queen Mary, University of London), with support from both institutions, as a teaching resource for students. Since that date the site has also been supported by Birkbeck College (University of London) where Pick and Cook are both now based, and was the recipient of a Birkbeck award for innovation in teaching. In 2008-10 Matt Ffytche (University of Essex) joined the editorial team and further developed the site. Thanks also to Thomas Dixon (Queen Mary) for his editorial advice, and to Paul Moore and Paul Bromley for editorial assistance. We are especially indebted to Dirk Zhang for his excellent technical advice.

The Introductions and document selections were produced by a team of contributing editors:

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Our thanks to Keele and Queen Mary for funding this project, and to Sally Mitchell, Sam Brenton, Joe Ellwood, Brian Place, Chris Harrison, Andy Lawrence and Dave Emley

This not-for-profit site has been put together by a team of academics and students. It enables the reader to access hundreds of original nineteenth-century documents directly, provides editorial introductions to the material and includes suggestions for further reading. On the rare occasions, where an historical document has been sourced via a secondary text, we have made every effort to trace copyright and obtain permission as necessary. For any queries, regarding this matter, please contact Daniel Pick or Matthew Cook, and, in the event of any oversight, we will amend the site accordingly.