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Bracebridge Hemyng (1841-1901) Prostitution in London
William Acton Prostitution Considered in its Social and Sanitary Aspects (1870)
None Royal Commission into Contagious Diseases (1871)
William Moore The Necessity of Re-establishing the Contagious Diseases Act (1894)
Birth Control  
Lyman Beecher Sperry Confidential Talks with Husband and Wife (1900)
Anonymous The Popular Herbal Family Medical Guide and Husband and Wife’s Handbook (~1900)

The New Woman/Fin de Siècle Decadence

Grant Allen (1848-1899) ‘The New Hedonism’ (1894)
Alice Mona Caird (1858-1932) ‘Marriage’ (1888)
George H Savage (1842-1921) ‘Case of Sexual Perversion in a Man’ (1884)
Anonymous Review of Krafft Ebing’s Psychopathia Sexualis (1893)
Henry Havelock Ellis (1859-1939) Studies in the Psychology of Sex, vol II: Sexual Inversion [1897] 1915

A Note on the Bedborogh Trial (1898)

Otto Weininger (1880-1903) Sex and Character (1903)
William Acton Want of Sexual Feeling in the Female [1857] 1865
Natural History of the Sexes
Charles Darwin (1809-1892) The Descent of Man (1871)
George John Romanes (1848-1894) Mental Differences Between Men and Women (1887)
Edith Simcox (1844-1901) The Capacity of Women (1887)
Henry Havelock Ellis (1859-1939) Man and Woman (1894)
Sir John Arthur Thomson (1861-1933) The Position of Woman (1911)
Edward Carpenter (1844-1929) Love’s Coming of Age (1913)
  Letter on a banned publication (1918)
Oscar Wilde

Letter to the Home Secretary (1896)

n/a Cover of Police News 25/1/1890
n/a Parliamentary Debate on Cleveland Street scandal (1890)
George Bernard Shaw Letter on the Cleveland Street scandal (1889)
Anonymous The Lives of Boulton and Park. Extraordinary Revelations (1871)
George Cecil Ives (1867-1950) Extracts from Ives’ Diary [1895]
n/a Image of Wilde and Douglas c. 1898
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