Upcoming Events:

The National Treasure, The Real Estate Speculators and a Heritage Battle: The Story of Joze Plecnik’s Stadium in Ljubljana – 19 May

Towards a Critique of Spatial Experience – 20 May

Ukrainian Architectural Heritage: Modernism, Identity and Survival – 24 May

Archival Urge: Collecting Histories of Architecture in West Africa – 26 May

Art Nouveau, Jugendstil: the Creations, Creators and New Studies – 27 May

Past Events:

Expansion, Invasion, Contestation. On the Spatial Politics of Education in the 1960s and 1970s – 18th March

Document Fever: Encounters with the architecture of the *colonial architecture archive, 25 February 2022

House of Annetta: Hypnotic Tango, 18 November 2021

Leslie Topp Inaugural Lecture: The Spaces We Are Reduced To, 7 June 2021

Late Gothic, Extinction and Afterlife, 28 May 2021

Pandemic Spaces: Two Conversations and a Workshop, 20 May 2021

ASSC Thinker in Architecture,  Zeynep Çelik Alexander, 7 May 2021

Boom Cities in 1960s Britain, 11 March 2021

Form,  Class and Crisis at Robin Hood Gardens, 4 March 2021

Race Style and National Character, 20 November 2020

The Architecture of Petro-urbanism, 19 November 2020

Modernism and the Soviet New Man, 12 November 2020

Gothic Architecture and Sexuality, 29 October 2020

Graphic Anthropology, 23 October 2020

Liminal London: Real and Unreal Spaces of the C20 Metropolis, 21 February 2020

ASSC Thinker in Architecture, Emma Cheatle, 7 February 2020

Photography, Space & Violence: Workshop, 13th December 2019

The English Country House, 12th December 2019

Apocalyptic Archives: Nuclear Landscapes & Material Histories, 6th December 2019

Otto Koenigsberger & Global Histories of Modernism, 28th November 2019

Emergency Exit: Architecture and the Oil Encounter, 8th February 2019

Conquest and Construction: Architecture and Landscapes in the Medieval Mediterranean, 1st March 2019

Book Launch with Mark Crinson, Richard J Williams and Joel McKim, 25th January 2019

Civic Centre: Architecture, Civic Design, and the Municipal Project in Interwar Norwich, 7th December 2018

Le Corbusier’s Venice Hospital: a genealogy of individual and collective intelligence in his architecture, 9th November 2018

HaHa:The Weirdness of Walls, 8th June 2018

Architecture, Crisis and Social Sustainability, CHASE workshop, 9th March 2018

Where is the Social in Architecture?, CHASE workshop, 24th November 2017

Symposium: Modernism and the Museum Space in Germany, 5th July 2017

Symposium: Landscape and Power, 18th May 2017

Art Nouveau and Modernist Architecture: Building the Narratives of Women’s Professional Identity, 17th May 2017

Thinkers in Architecture series: Peg Rawes, Bartlett, UCL, ‘Housing Biopolitics and Care’, 20th March 2017

New Books Series: Healing Spaces, Modern Architecture and the Body, 3rd February 2017

Symposium: Spitalfields: On Development and Destruction, 18th November 2016

Tim Benton: Saving E-1027: Trials and tribulations in the re-presentation of Eileen Gray’s house by the sea, 8th June 2016

Dr. Isabelle Anguelovski: New directions in gentrification studies, 3rd June 2016

New Books Series: Nicholas Hawksmoor: The Man and the Myth, 4th March 2016

Thinkers in Architecture inaugural lecture; Norbert Nussbaum: From the Belly of the Architect, 12th February 2016

Architecture in Time: The Temporal Conditions of Design, 23rd October 2015

Stefan Muthesius, Tower Block Revisited: Aspects of British Public Housing Post-WWII, 26th June 2015

Jeremy Till ‘Thick Time’ and the launch of Architecture Space and Society Centre, 13th March 2015

Skylines: The Aesthetics of Ascension, 23rd October 2014

Architecture Under Attack: Destruction and Renewal in and after World War I, 30th May 2014

Technophilia, 13th March 2014

Spaces of Pain, 22nd November 2012

Screen Architecture, 28th June 2013

Domesticating Hitler, 8th March 2013

Domes: Past, Present and Future, 29th November 2012

Architecture and Museums: Design on Display, 17th May 2012

Spaces of Dissent: An interdisciplinary workshop on Occupy London, 23rd February 2012

Architecture and Audiences: Representation, Experience, Debate, 8th December 2011

‘Out of Site, in Plain View: the Modernity of the Architecture Exhibition since 1750’, 16th March 2011