Friday 28 May, 6pm
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Late Gothic Architecture: Its Evolution, Extinction, and Afterlife

With Robert Bork (University of Iowa)

Late Gothic architecture occupies a problematic position in the history of European art.  Late Gothic builders developed a series of remarkably sophisticated regional variants on medieval tradition but their achievements were largely abandoned in the Renaissance. 

And while this work served to inspire many of the most prominent projects in the Gothic Revival movement of the long nineteenth century, scholars have subsequently paid far more attention to the earlier phases of Gothic, to the Renaissance, and to the figural art of the late Middle Ages. 

This talk will explore both the original fate of the late Gothic tradition, and the forces behind its curiously conflicted reception. 

Robert Bork, professor of medieval art at the University of Iowa, specializes in the study of Gothic architecture. His book projects have considered the history of Gothic spires, the geometrical logic of Gothic drawings, and the fate of late Gothic architecture in the Renaissance.  


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