Albert Brenchat AguilarHistory of Art Department
The Wholeness that is the Environment: Patterns of International Planning, c1957-76

Aleks CatinaHistory of Art Department
Unofficial Architectures of Irony: Second and Third World Criticality in Spatial Practices of Radical Difference

Eva DuBose – History of Art Department
Beyond the Image; Visualising Devotion in Tensta Parish Church


Dima HusseinHistory of Art Department
Modernization, Built Heritage, and Conflict in Old Damascus, 1925-1979

Senam OkudzetoHumanities and Cultural Studies
Ghana Must Go: Modernity, Memory and Material Culture in Post-Independence West Africa

Patrick Quinlan History of Art Department
Stigma and Significance: The Lives and Afterlives of Ireland’s Lunatic Asylums

Stephen RosserHistory of Art Department
Rebuilding the City of London in the Age of Global Markets: A Study of Architectural Discourse

Rebecca SimovicHistory of Art Department
Scales of Representation: Montenegrin Partisan War Memorials in the Context of the `Transnational¿ and the New Nation State

Johann Spillner – History of Art Department
Displaying the Invisible: Islamic Architecture and the Museum

George Townsend History of Art Department
Parson’s Pleasure, Oxford; Bathing and homosocial space in the University’s arcadia, 1898-1944

Aaron Vansintjan – Film, Media and Cultural Studies Department
Counting Money, Displacing Life: Food, contested valuation, and gentrification in the global north and south


Elizabeth YangArts and Humanities
Consuming Memory: ‘Transition Memory’ and the role of Dark Tourism in Northern Ireland


ASSC Alumni

Nicola LoweHistory of Art Department, PhD awarded 2021
Death, Commemoration and Patronage in Fourteenth-century Oxfordshire: The Chantry Chapels at Cogges, Witney and Ducklington

Alistair CartwrightHistory of Art Department, PhD awarded 2020
Rented Worlds: Bedsits, Boarding Houses, and Multiple Occupancy Houses in Postwar London, 1945-63

Rosemary DayHistory of Art Department, PhD awarded 2020
The Architectural and Economic Development of Three Estates in Essex and Suffolk from 1066 -1306

Miloš KosecArts and Humanities Department, PhD awarded 2019
Bartlebian Act as Reappraisal of Architectural Restraint

Güneş TavmenFilm, Media and Cultural Studies Department, PhD awarded 2019
Data-Driven London: Open Data and Smart Citizens

Susan Baker – History of Art Department, PhD awarded 2018
A View Through the Veil: Patronage, Piety, Identity and Devotion in the Paintings of the Later Medieval English Nunnery, c.1275-1539

Richard EvansFilm, Media and Cultural Studies Department, PhD
Exploring Landscape: Nonfiction Geographies from Scotland and Sweden