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What is the ASSC?

The Architecture Space and Society Centre was launched in March 2015. Based in Birkbeck’s School of Arts, it provides a focus for the research activities taking place within Birkbeck and beyond in the area of architectural, design, and landscape history, contemporary architectural humanities and archaeology.

By bringing together scholars from early and modern periods with academics from other disciplines, curators and heritage experts, it also acts as a forum for those with an interest in the built environment and space more generally.

The ASSC builds on the work of the Architecture Space and Society Network, which was established in the Department of History of Art in 2011 and has hosted termly speakers and symposia since then.

Termly symposia have included: ‘Spaces of Dissent’ (2012), ‘Screen Architecture’ (2013), ‘Architecture and Museums’ (2012), ‘Spaces of Pain’ (2013), ‘Technophilia’ (2014), ‘Architecture under Attack: in and after WWI’ (2014), ‘Skylines: aesthetics of ascension’ (2014), ‘Architecture in time: The Temporal Conditions of Design’ (2015), ‘Development and Destruction in Spitalfields’ (2016), ‘Landscape and Power (2017).