Thursday 12 November, 6pm
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The creation of Soviet culture in the 1920s and the 1930s was the most radical of modernist projects, both in aesthetic and in political terms.

Tijana Vujosevic (University of British Columbia) discusses her new book, Modernism and the Making of the New Man, exploring the architecture of this period as the nexus between aesthetics and politics. Vujosevic explores how the design of the material environment articulated the dynamic of the socialist project as a negotiation between utopia and reality, the will for progress and the will for tyranny, in a comprehensive effort that brought together professional architects and statisticians, theatre directors, managers, housewives, pilots, construction workers.

What these different sections of society had in common was the enthusiasm for defining the “new man”, the ideal citizen of the radiant future. The talk looks at the ideological role of architecture as fiction and practice shaping the material environment, and with it, the modern self.


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