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New Honorary Research Associate

ASSC’s new Honorary Research Associate, Miloš Kosec, will be working on a project titled ‘Barriers without walls: Spatialisation of the cordon sanitaire’

2020 Autumn Programme

ASSC is pleased to announce its new Autumn 2020 Programme of events, with talks on ‘graphical anthropology’, petro-urbanism, Gothic architecture and sexuality, the making of the Soviet New Man and more. Beginning 23 October.

Architecture on Film and at Home

The Coronavirus crisis confines most of us to our homes and for those of us interested professionally or for pleasure in architecture this can be deeply frustrating. However, there is on Youtube a huge amount of architecturally-related historic films, documentaries,… Continue Reading →

Thinker in Architecture: Emma Cheatle

7 February 2020: Feminist Ethnography and “writing-architecture-nearby”. With its critical ethnographic roots, “writing- architecture-nearby” is a slow, painstaking, iterative process of care. A mobile writing, it attempts to resuscitate or activate architecture as a multiple subject. This talk tracks the way Cheatle’s work has developed over the last five years through a series of writing experiments.

Liminal London: Real and Unreal Spaces of the C20 Metropolis

21 February 2020: Liminal London – Real and Unreal Spaces of the 20th Century Metropolis. This one-day symposium examines the existence of heterotopic sites and other spaces straddling the real and the unreal throughout London in the twentieth century.

Photography, Space & Violence: a Workshop

13 December 2019: A collaboration between three Birkbeck Research Centres, this workshop focuses on photography as a tool for representing places where routine or traumatic violence unfolded. With Speakers including Claire Zimmerman, Alberto Toscano, Sean Willcock and Steve Edwards.

Apocalyptic Archives: Nuclear Landscapes & Material Histories

6 December 2019: This public conversation between architect David Burns and artist Susan Schuppli explores the legacies of nuclear contamination within the global geographies of weapons testing, uranium mining, and power plants. From British military activities at the Maralinga test site to the more recent discovery of radioactive contaminates off the West Coast of Canada linked to Fukushima, these researchers explore the archival capacities of landscapes to recall and bear witness.

Otto Koenigsberger & Global Histories of Modernism

26 November 2019: This presentation by Vandana Baweja (University of Florida) examines how German émigré and colonial state architect Otto Koenigsberger’s career can illuminate “global” as a paradigm in modernist historiography.

ASSC Events 2019-20

From Nuclear Landscapes to representations of Southeast Asian Islamic Architecture, see what we’ve got in store for the next 12 months.

The English Country House

12 December 2019: Co-organised by the Birkbeck Eighteenth-Century Research Group, and the Architecture, Space and Society Research Centre. Three speakers will consider aspects of the English country house from the eighteenth century to the present: Jon Sobart, Abby van Slyck, and Kate Retford.

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