Summer 2023 Newsletter is here!

Here at CIMR we had another incredibly productive and impactful term, filled with notable achievements, insightful research blogs, exciting publications and books, engaging presentations, and thought-provoking events. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights from CIMR and the contributions of its members.

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Members highlights

Firstly, we have the esteemed Prof. Muthu de Silva, who was appointed as the Head of Research, Innovation, and Knowledge Exchange for Birkbeck’s new Faculty of Business and Law in April 2023. This appointment is a testament to Prof. de Silva’s expertise and leadership in the field.

Dr. Federica Rossi, our CIMR Deputy Director, was nominated in the Best Lecturer category at the Birkbeck Student Union Awards in June 2023. This recognition speaks volumes about Dr. Rossi’s dedication and excellence in teaching, inspiring and empowering students in their academic journey.

We also celebrate Dr. Thanos Fragkandreas, who assumed the role of Co-Course Leader for BA International Business at the University of Westminster. Dr. Fragkandreas’ expertise and leadership will undoubtedly contribute to the development and success of the program.

Research Activities

CIMR’s research blogs have been a valuable source of insights and reflections. Some noteworthy contributions include:

Innovation Field

– Helen Lawton Smith’s blog on urban spaces, inclusivity, and entrepreneurs with disabilities, shedding light on the importance of creating inclusive environments for entrepreneurs.

– Blandine Laperche and Dimitri Uzunidis explored innovation ecosystems in core digital technologies, specifically focusing on the semiconductor industry in Europe.

University Knowledge Exchange and Engagement

– A special issue on reconceptualizing university contribution to knowledge exchange, featuring Chiara Marzocchi, Fumi Kitagawa, Federica Rossi, and Elvira Uyarra, broadened our understanding of motivations, channels, and stakeholders in knowledge exchange.

– Helen Lawton Smith and Henry Etzkowitz delved into the world of university venture capital in big data from a regional and historical perspective.

– Félix-Fernando Muñoz provided insights into setting up university company chairs using the case of UAM.

– Helen Lawton Smith explored the geography of academic entrepreneurship, emphasizing spin-offs, firm growth, and regional impact.

New ‘Research in Brief’ and ‘CIMR PhD Research in Focus’ videos

CIMR’s commitment to fostering knowledge dissemination is evident through our ‘Research in Brief’ and ‘CIMR PhD Research in Focus’ video series. These feature various CIMR esteemed members who share their insights and findings on various topics including:

Research Grants and Fundings

CIMR’s research grants demonstrate the centre’s success in securing funding for impactful research projects. Notable grants include the UKRI Fund awarded to Prof. Muthu de Silva to establish the Innovation and Research Caucus (IRC) as a centre of excellence in research and innovation funding.

Additionally, Luca Andriani has been awarded a grant from the BBK Research Innovation Fund to expoler how to shape the future of inclusive urban development.

Finally, the New Nuclear Local Authorities Group and the Norway Research Council have awarded prestigious grants to Prof. John Glasson to explore respectively the local socio-economic and environmental impacts of the peak construction period of Hinkley Point C nuclear power station; and to research on the regional development impacts of offshore wind (WINDREG).

Events and Collaborations

Our CIMR Debates in Public Policy series has still been a platform for leading scholars and practitioners to discuss current economic, innovation, and policy issues, including:

One of the standout events organized by our International partner the University of Vaasa, was the 2nd International Workshop on Global, Sustainable Innovation held at InnoLab, in May 2023. This workshop brought together experts from around the world to discuss the drivers of sustainable innovation and the role of universities and other actors in advancing sustainability transitions. CIMR Director Helen Lawton Smith, CIMR Deputy Director Federica Rossi, and CIMR members Prof. Muthu De Silva and Emma Palmer Foster played pivotal roles in this engaging and enlightening event.

In summary, we had an exceptional academic term filled with noteworthy achievements. These accomplishments exemplify CIMR’s dedication to advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation in various innovation research domains. We cannot wait to welcome you all to an unforgettable autumn term at CIMR, filled with exceptional events and countless opportunities to expand your horizons!