Some of our research is carried out through formally funded research projects, and in interaction with various research networks we host or participate in.

The current inter-related and inter-disciplinary research themes of the research centre are:

  • Intellectual property rights
  • Institutions, markets and regulation
  • Regional and sectoral innovation systems
  • Measuring innovation management performance

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CIMR Research in Focus curated blogs:

  1. Entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion (20 April 2021)
  2. Reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic (17 May 2021)
  3. The economic and ethical implications of digital technologies (7 June 2021)
  4. Research and industrial policy for the 21st Century (8 July 2021)
  5. Creating entrepreneurial universities (12 August 2021)
  6. Entrepreneurship at CIMR (7 September 2021)
  7. Evaluating public policy (8 October 2021)
  8. Creating better outcomes for society (3 November 2021)
  9. Looking ahead to 2022 (13 January 2022)
  10. TRIGGER final report published and using new technologies to generate impact (30 March 2022)
  11. Much to celebrate this Summer term (8 July 2022)
  12. Looking ahead to 2023 (29 November 2022)

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