Some of our research is carried out through formally funded research projects, and in interaction with various research networks we host or participate in.

The current inter-related and inter-disciplinary research themes of the research centre are:

  • Intellectual property rights
  • Institutions, markets and regulation
  • Regional and sectoral innovation systems
  • Measuring innovation management performance

CIMR Research in Brief video series:

  • Episode 1: Prof. Grazia Ietto Gillies – The economics of transnational corporations. Link to video (6’48”)
  • Episode 2: Melina Padayachy – The Innovator’s method. Link to video (2’56”)

Research Impact: Developing Analytics and Policy (RIDAP): Briefing Paper Number 1

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Birkbeck University together with University College London and a researcher from the South Western University of Finance and Economics in China have collaborated with NHS England to collect and analyse diagnostic PET-CT [Positron Emission Tomography-CT] imaging data pertaining to 90% of all diagnostic PET-CT scans undertaken in England during the first wave of the Coronavirus disease pandemic.