CIMR PhD Research in Focus: Innovation and income inequality

Dr. Thanos Fragkandreas is one of our newly graduated Ph.D. students. In this short interview, he shares with us his Ph.D. dissertation, a study exploring the relationship between innovation and income inequality.

Originally interested in the innovation paradox, Dr. Fragkandreas wanted to figure out why innovation did not always pay off. But later, he realized in the middle of his Ph.D. that what actually mattered was what would happen when innovation paid off and whether innovation had a causal relationship with the unequal distribution of income. His research is believed to be of interest to both innovation scholars and policymakers. On the one hand, this study challenges the field of innovation study by addressing the question of why income inequality rises through one of the most innovative periods in history. On the other hand, this study reveals that income inequality is unnecessary and can be avoided through innovation policies.

Dr. Fragkandreas says he very much enjoyed his learning experience at Birkbeck, University of London!