Industrial Policies for Technological Upgrading in Western Balkan Countries

Congratulations to CIMR alumnus Dr Fadil Sahiti, for his new book “Industrial Policies for Technological Upgrading in Western Balkan Countries” published by Palgrave Macmillan – Springer.

The book focuses on the economies of Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo; explores the industrial policies currently implemented in these economies and compares their effects with the situation in Slovenia, which is used as a reference country. The book provides a brief overview of some new approaches to industrial policy and proposes a new framework for these policies. The new framework aims to develop the national innovation system through increasing the efficiency of the use of industrial technology, its continuous upgrading, as a basis for sustainable social and economic development. 

The book delves into the analysis of the technical-economic features of these Western Balkan countries, as well as identifies some strategic options for industrial policies. In particular, the book highlights the need for a governance mindset that focuses on industrial development, as well as the development of a modern innovative national system. The analysis is based on contemporary industrial policy literature; in scientific works focused on developing economies (catch-up economies); the technological upgrading literature and innovation studies, which represent current academic thinking in these areas.

Sahiti, F. (2024) “Industrial Policies for Technological Upgrading in Western Balkan Countries”, Palgrave Macmillan – Springer.

Fadil Sahiti is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Kosovo. His research interests are in the area of firm capability building and technology upgrading, exploring industrial policy issues that enable or constrain the emergence of innovative firms in less developed economies.