New papers in CIMR Working Paper series

The CIMR Working Paper series first launched in 2011. Its objective is to publicise research being done by its academics, PhD students, Research fellows, Visiting fellows, Stakeholders and visitors. The series is edited by Helen Lawton Smith, Klaus Nielsen and Carlo Milana. The editors take care of peer reviewing each paper before publication.

The series is listed on Repec, the largest bibliographic database dedicated to Economics and available freely on the Internet, with an impact factor of 3.47. CIMR papers have been downloaded almost 2,000 times since the series was indexed on Repec, with about 30 downloads per month on average.

in 2021, we have had a bumper year with eight new papers published between January and August. The papers can be accessed by clicking the links below. For some of these papers, video interviews with the authors are available too.

WP54 The emerging quantum technology industry: Capital cities, entrepreneurship and policies, Saverio Romeo, Helen Lawton Smith, Erran Carmel and John Slater

WP53 Individual risk attitudes and local unemployment: Evidence from Italy in the Great Recession, Andrea Filippetti and Neil Lee. Watch video interview with Andrea Filippetti

WP52 Towards a problem-oriented regional industrial policy: Possibilities for public intervention in framing, valuation and market creation, Kieron Flanagan, Elvira Uyarra and Iris Wanzenböck

WP51 Disability entrepreneurship research: review and critical reflection through the lens of individual-opportunity nexus, Te Klangboonkrong and Ning Baines. Watch video interview with Ning Baines

WP50 Is a European Recovery possible without High-Tech Public Corporations?, Daniele Archibugi and Vitantonio Mariella

WP49 Public innovation intermediaries and digital co-creation, Federica Rossi, Ana Colovic, Annalisa Caloffi and Margherita Russo

WP48 Financial crisis of 2008 and outward foreign investments from China and India, Suma Athreye, Abubakr Saeed and Muhammad Saad Baloch. Watch video interview with Suma Athreye

WP47 Centripetal and centrifugal forces in technological activities: linking regional innovation performances to EU Science & Technology policies, Daniele Archibugi, Riccardo Evangelista and Antonio Vezzani. Watch video interview with Rinaldo Evangelista

The full Working Paper series is available here.