New CIMR Research in Brief video: Prof. Rinaldo Evangelista on regional innovation performance and EU science and technology policy

Rinaldo Evangelista is Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Camerino, as well as a fellow researcher at CIMR (Centre for Innovation Management Research).

In this video, Professor Evangelista introduces us to his working paper, Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces in Technological Activities: Linking Regional Innovation Performances to EU Science & Technology Policies, co-authored with Daniele Archibugi and Antonio Vezzani.

The paper analyzes technological activities of EU regions to assess the degree of technological concentration and asymmetries in the EU area and the role of the EC Programme for research and innovation – Horizon 2020 – at reducing or amplifying regional asymmetries.

This study reveals that some technological convergence of the most peripheral and least innovative regions of Europe has occurred even if it has been slow, involving almost exclusively the Eastern EU regions. These findings are practically meaningful to policymakers and policy analysts in implementing the Horizon Europe scheme.