Annual report 2019

In 2019, we further developed CIMR’s international research, dissemination and impact portfolio. We welcomed new members of academic staff, including Dr Manto Gotsi, and we invited more visiting fellows and alumni to join our network.

The past year has seen major new developments in the collaboration between the School of Business, Economics and Informatics (BEI) and the Kogod School of Business, American University Washington DC. A MOU agreement was signed between Birkbeck and the Kogod School covering a variety of faculty, research and programme exchanges. The first exchange under the new MOU involved Birkbeck doctoral student Filipe Martins Gomes, who travelled to the US under Kogod sponsorship in June 2019. Dr Muthu De Silva, in collaboration with Kogod School, organized a workshop titled “Accelerating SME Internationalization: Academic, Policy and Practitioner Perspective”. It was funded by Birkbeck; Brunel Business School; and the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE). A large research grant application involving Birkbeck, Kogod and other institutions is being prepared.

The new BlockChain Module, which had its origins in the Kogod/CIMR collaboration was introduced in the summer term, convened by Professor Klaus Nielsen and taught by Saverio Romeo. The module has been very well received.

Dr Renos Savva, at the request of Birkbeck Futures, undertook a mini project funded by Santander, Birkbeck’s corporate partner for student entrepreneurship and employability. The idea developed by Dr Savva, in consultation with Mohsin Aboobaker and Jenna Davies from Birkbeck Futures, was to conduct interviews with a variety of sources to gather data on what funders, entrepreneurs, and students thought the role of HEIs in student entrepreneurial activity ought to be.

CIMR has maintained its schedule of academic and policy research and dissemination events. Between January and December 2019 it held seven international research workshops, one strategy meeting, a PhD roundtable, and two Birkbeck-Essex PhD workshops.

Please see our full report for more details on our many activities in 2019.