New book on Gender, science and Innovation edited by Helen Lawton Smith, Henry Etzkowitz, Colette Henry and Alexandra Poulovassilis

Gender, Science and Innovation Editors, Helen Lawton Smith, Colette Henry, Henry Etzkowitz and Alexandra Poulovassilis, Edward Elgar, Published January 2020.

This book demonstrates how persisting gender inequality in women’s scientific and social science careers necessitates measures to overcome it. This book provides analysis of the issues and solutions from Europe and North America. Its chapters provide analysis and evidence on the underlying causes of gender inequality faced by women at various stages of careers in universities and scientific research institutions, in a variety of contexts. It highlights the prevalence of the need for systemic institutional change in order to advance gender equality.

The book has its origins in the TRansforming Institutions by Gendering contents and Gaining Equality in Research (TRIGGER) projectat Birkbeck, led by the editors. Birkbeck was part of a five-country European consortium championing the role of female academics in scientific subjects (2014-2017) (