22 May 2019: The following are some images that we’ll refer to on our walk today, ‘Euston Twilight: ‘Hotels, Boarding Houses and Luxury Squats in Postwar London’, one of a series of ASSC events for Birkbeck Arts Week.

Fig. 1 – London Penta Hotel, Cromwell Road, preliminary scheme by R. Seifert & Partners.

Fig. 2 – Section drawing of Brunswick centre, final design, c. 1968.

Fig. 2 – Section of flat in Brunswick Centre, as imagined by Patrick Hodgkinson in 1960.

Fig. 3 – LCC Bomb Damage Map, just south of Kings Cross station (detail) – the corner of Whidbourne street is circled in green.

Fig. 4 – LCC Bomb Damage Map, Clerkenwell (including Kings Cross on the far left).

Fig. 5 – LCC Bomb Damage Map, Somerstown / Regent’s Park (including Euston to the centre-right).

Fig. 6 – St Pancras Clocktower Apartment on AirBnB (£6,600 per month).

Fig. 7 – Frank Auerbach, St Pancras Steps (1978-9)

Fig. 8 – Leon Kossoff, Kings Cross, March Afternoon (1998)

Fig. 9 – Euston Hotel (photographed in 1962)

Fig. 10 – Euston Hotel, first floor plans, c. 1962

Fig. 11 – Aerial image of Euston (1936).

Fig. 12 – Euston Arch with traffic (1961).

Fig. 13 – Map of Drummond Street and surrounding area, from Nick Wates, The Battle for Tolmers Square (1976).

Fig. 14 – The Euston Centre, Sunday Times, August 1964.

Fig. 15 – Still from ‘Playing the Environment Game’ (1973, dir. Mick Csáky) showing Tolmers Square as it used to exist.

Fig. 16 – ‘Playing the Environment Game’ (1973, dir. Mick Csáky), Tolmers Sq with Euston Tower in background.

Fig. 17 – Tolmers Square ‘Carnival’ (1973)