Celebrating Achievements and Looking Forward: CIMR Annual Report 2023

We are thrilled to share the release of our 2023 Annual Report, a comprehensive document that encapsulates the achievements of CIMR and its members in the last year, including news and appointments, an overview of our CIMR debate in public policy events, our members research outputs.

This report not only reflects the dedication and hard work of our community but also highlights the pivotal role CIMR plays in fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and research in the academic realm. In 2023 CIMR continued strengthening our relationship with members, colleagues and partners. Over the year we can see six key highlights within our activities and portfolio:

1. CIMR’s 15th Anniversary Celebration:

In 2023, CIMR marked its 15th Anniversary with a day of celebration, inspiration, and networking. The hybrid event and two workshops held on October 20th brought together the community to reflect on CIMR’s journey. The workshops, focusing on the ‘Future of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Studies’ and the intersection of ‘Policy and Practice,’ featured distinguished speakers, sparking insightful discussions. Check out the event summaries here: http://www7.bbk.ac.uk/cimr/2023/11/07/the-future-of-innovation-and-entrepreneurship-studies-a-review-from-our-recent-workshop/ and here: http://www7.bbk.ac.uk/cimr/2023/11/01/towards-responsible-technological-development-with-the-centre-for-innovation-management-research-a-personal-reflection/.

2. Continued Focus on Research and Impact:

CIMR’s commitment to research and impact is evident through various initiatives, including securing the BEI School Impact grant, applying for a Regional Studies Association Networking award, and successfully entering the UCL Bloomsbury and East London Doctoral Training Partnership. Additionally, since our Media and Engagement Officer appointment in February 2022, CIMR has seen increased engagement on social media platforms and a broader international profile.

3. Vice Chancellor’s Award:

The entrepreneurship education team of Birkbeck, University of London, including CIMR members, received the Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in March 2023. The team’s dedication to community building practices is evident in their ongoing application for the 2023 award. http://www7.bbk.ac.uk/cimr/2023/03/18/entrepreneurship-education-team-wins-vice-chancellors-awards-for-excellence-in-teaching-and-learning/

4. PhD Successes:

Congratulations to our 2023 PhD graduates – Dr. Maryam Ghorbankhani, Dr. Maximillian Giehrl, Dr. Doyin Olorunfemi, and Dr. Tahani Alharbi. Their diverse research areas showcase the depth and breadth of CIMR’s contributions to academia. Read more about their achievements http://www7.bbk.ac.uk/cimr/2023/10/17/congratulations-to-cimr-phd-student-maryam-ghorbankhani/ and here: http://www7.bbk.ac.uk/cimr/2023/10/30/congratulations-to-cimr-phd-student-maximillian-giehrl/

5. Personnel Changes:

As part of the natural progression, Professors Klaus Nielsen and Ron Smith retired in 2023 but continue as active members of CIMR. Dr Federica Rossi was appointed to the post of Associate Professor of Economic Policy at the Department of Economics of UniMoRe (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia) in Italy, August 2023. The good news for us is that she remains one of our two deputy directors. http://www7.bbk.ac.uk/cimr/2023/12/19/a-new-academic-chapter-unfolds-dr-federica-rossi-takes-new-role-at-unimore/

6. A Note of Sadness:

In remembrance, CIMR paid homage to Professor Loet Leydesdorff, a cherished friend who made significant contributions to our community. Our thoughts are expressed in a tribute: http://www7.bbk.ac.uk/cimr/2023/03/16/cimr-pays-homage-to-loet-leydesdorff/ .

Looking forward at 2024

Looking ahead, CIMR has strengthened its Management Team with a revised structure to ensure strategic organization. The team, comprising dedicated individuals committed to advancing CIMR’s mission, is poised for continued success.

As we enter the new year, we are confident that CIMR will continue to thrive, fostering innovative research, impactful collaborations, and a supportive community. We express our gratitude to all members for their contributions and look forward to another year of excellence.

Read the full report here: http://www7.bbk.ac.uk/cimr/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/CIMR-Report-2023-final-2.pdf