‘CIMR Research in Brief’ video series: Dr Nicola Searle on Trade Secrets & Copyright and Business Models

We are delighted to introduce a new video interview with CIMR Visiting Fellow Dr Nicola Searle.

In this video, Dr. Nicola Searle discusses her key areas of research and contribution of knowledge, namely Trade Secrets and Copyright and Business Models. Within these research fields, Dr. Searle’s primary focus is to understand how innovation and practice combine in terms of intellectual property. In fact, trade secrets are very important for Innovation because they enable firms, businesses and creators to protect their Innovations. In terms of Copyright and Business Models she focuses on the Digital Economy and the Creative Industries, i.e. games, music and television.

Her research is particularly interesting for policy makers and legal practitioners, i.e. lawyers or innovation managers who are heavily involved with the management of intellectual property. Finally, she discusses her engagement with the CIMR community, including co-operating and attending CIMR’s events, and engaging on co-authorships with CIMR members. She particularly enjoys the interaction that CIMR brings between academics, policy makers and practitioners, where she feels her work also brings value, and she hopes that this international community will grow even further.

Nicola is Senior Lecturer at ICCE, member of the RCUK Digital Economy Programme Advisory Board and member of the UK Intellectual Property Office’s (IPO) Research Experts Advisory Group.

Video Chapters:

00:04 Intro

00:17 What are your research interests?

02:47 What is the impact of your research?

04:32 What are your plans for the future?

05:27 How do you hope to benefit from your engagement with CIMR?