New ‘CIMR PhD Research in Focus’ video: Emma Palmer Foster on bioscience parks

In our latest video in the ‘CIMR PhD Research in Focus’ series, Birkbeck PhD student Emma Palmer Foster explains how she developed the idea for her PhD project.

Building on her biochemistry background and experience of work in the life sciences industry, Emma is investigating bioscience parks and how the different stakeholders and owners influence the innovation impact that the bioscience park has on its environment. This is an important question for science and innovation policy and for the location decision of bioscience companies.

Emma hopes that her research can not only contribute to knowledge but also improve industry practices. Being part of the Centre for Innovation Management Research has been a key part of Emma’s PhD experience, from building networks to developing research ideas.

Video Chapters:

00:05 Intro

00:46 Can you tell us a little about your research?

01:33 Why did you choose this topic?

02:22 What impact do you think your research will have?

03:52 Who will benefit from this research?

05:16 How does your Ph.D. fit with your career plans?