New CIMR Research in Brief video: Saverio Romeo on Quantum Technology Entrepreneurship

Mr. Saverio Romeo is an associate lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, and the founder of Emerging Technology Observatory. He is an experienced analyst and consultant in IoT, emerging digital technologies, and their impacts on enterprises and sectors.

In this short video, Mr. Romeo shares his research about quantum technology, an emerging but significant technology that may shape our future. This paper tries to understand the dynamics of entrepreneurship in quantum technology.

The research is based on surveys in two capital cities, Washington DC and London. Although capital cities can play a pivotal role in the emergence and entrepreneurial stages in technological advances in this critical emerging technology, this is not a story of capital cities’ centrality in inception, discovery, and development stages. Besides, the paper also indicates a separate gender dimension– highlighting the dominance of males in this innovation process.

The Working Paper is available at:

WP54 The emerging quantum technology industry: Capital cities, entrepreneurship and policies, Saverio Romeo, Helen Lawton Smith, Erran Carmel and John Slater