New CIMR Research in Brief video: Dr Ning Baines on Disability entrepreneurship research

Dr. Ning Baines is a lecturer at the School of Business and Law, De Montfort University, as well as a fellow researcher at CIMR (Centre for Innovation Management Research).

In this short video, Dr. Baines introduces one of her co-authored working papers, Disability entrepreneurship research: review and critical reflection through the lens of individual-opportunity nexus, co-authored with Dr Te Klangboonkrong (…).

This paper systematically reviews the literature of disability entrepreneurship from the well-known perspective of individual and opportunity nexus. She shares with us an interesting story, such as how the initial idea came about and the paper’s key findings. Disability entrepreneurship is an emerging field but with great potential, and Dr. Baines’s research is inspirational to academics and policymakers.