Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance Workshop

On Monday 29 October 2018, CIMR will host a research workshop in collaboration with Wiley, publishers of the Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance Journal.

The workshop aims to stimulate debate on new directions in research in entrepreneurship and innovation, in order to encourage new submissions, reach wider audiences, and highlight opportunities for more dynamic research contributions in the field of entrepreneurship, finance, and innovation.

Workshop Programme

  • 10:00 – Introduction
  • 10:10 – Panel for discussion of Artificial Intelligence in Management paper ideas
    • Carlo Milana, Editor in Chief Strategic Change, BEIF
    • Damir Tokic, Guest Editor and Professor of Finance, International University of Monaco
  • 11:10 – Open Science for Strategic Change: fostering transparency and reproducibility
    • Chris Graf, Director, Research Integrity & Publishing Ethics, Wiley
  • 11:40 – Coffee
  • 11:55 – Panel for discussion of female entrepreneurship paper ideas
    • Colette Henry, Guest Editor, Dundalk Institute of Technology
  • 13:00 – Lunch and networking
  • 14:00 – Editorial Board meeting to discuss strategy with attendee participation to suggest ideas for new special issues to be considered by the board, propose paper topics and subject trends
  • 15:00 – Coffee
  • 15:15 – CIMR Working papers and PhD student research development
  • 16:15 – Next steps: special issue submission process and promoting your published article
    • Joshua Tufts, Editor, Wiley
    • Shannon Canney, Senior Editor, Wiley

Presentations – Speakers and Panellists

Presentations – PhD Researchers