Thursday 29 November, 2-5pm, Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, London

A symposium exploring continuities and ruptures in the use and meanings of the dome across periods and media.

Peter Draper, Visiting Professor of History of Architecture, Birkbeck – The Early Exploration of Domes: Typology, Symbolism and Decoration

Caspar Pearson, Lecturer, Department of Art History and Theory, University of Essex – From Renaissance Urbanism to the Urban Renaissance: Domes and the Making of Cultural History 

Barry Curtis, Emeritus Professor of Visual Culture, Middlesex University, and London Consortium – Utopian Domes: Buckminster Fuller and ‘Spaceship Earth’

Nick Lambert, Lecturer in Digital Art and Culture, Department of History of Art and Screen Media, Birkbeck From the CAVE to Fulldome: Virtual Space Returns to its Roots