Rebecca Wright

Rebecca Wright is a cultural historian of energy, with a focus on twentieth-century American history. She is a Senior Lecturer in American History at Northumbria University, Newcastle. Prior to this, she was a Research Fellow in Future Health at the University of York, a Research Fellow in Mass Observation Studies at the University of Sussex and a Research Fellow on the Material Cultures of Energy Project. Within the project, Rebecca led the strand on energy futures, looking especially at the role of the World Energy Council and international organisations in producing forecasts, and at the role of experts and popular/media representations of imagined life-styles. She is co-author (with Frank Trentmann and Hiroki Shin) of Power, Energy and International Cooperation: A History of the World Energy Council, 1923-2018 (Munich: Oekom / Green Books, 2019).  She is currently finishing a monograph, Moral Energy in America: From the Progressive Era to the Atomic Bomb (under contract with Johns Hopkins University Press).

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