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MCE Final Event and Finding Sheets

On 30 November 2017, the MCE project held its final event at the Dana Research Centre, the Science Museum, London.

The MCE research finding sheets can be found at the bottom of the page.

“Brilliant – Enjoyable – Thought provoking – Much better way of presenting – Interactive and an opportunity to contribute.” (a public sector participant)

The event was opened by Evan Davis (BBC), followed by three interactive activities.

“Excellent event. The separate activities worked well – enjoyed the discussions + hearing the variety of ideas/knowledge” (an academic participant)

“Really appreciated the physical exhibits as well as the info on the walls, and the discussion.” (a government energy policy participant)

Through the activities, the participants learned the main findings of the project while contributing their own insights and ideas to the event’s lively discussions about how we can meet today’s challenge of energy transition.




Here are the MCE project finding sheets, in which you can find the project’s main research findings. Clicking the image will open a PDF.





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