About the Centre

CPEIS (The Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies) was launched in 2017, bringing together faculty and students from Birkbeck’s Departments/Schools of Management, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Politics and Law. The research areas of CPEIS encompass different aspects of political economy and institutional studies, including:

  • Comparative Political Economy
  • International Political Economy
  • European Political Economy
  • Defence Economics
  • Political Economy of Institutions and Governance
  • Political Economy of Regulation and Financial Institutions
  • Labour Economics and Industrial Relations
  • Political Economy and Regulatory Law
  • Political Economy of Crime
  • Environmental Political Economy
  • Political Economy of Health

CPEIS’ mission is to serve as a centre of excellence for research on political economy and institutions at Birkbeck. It provides an intellectual hub for staff and students with an interest in political economy and institutions. Through seminars, workshops and public events it provides a forum for discussing contemporary economic, social and legal issues from political economy and institutional perspectives. CPEIS adopts a paradigm of pluralism. It fosters dialogue between scholars from different methodological traditions and encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration.