1st Seminar Series on Governance, Institutions and Sustainability

Academic Year 2023/24

Hosting Institutes:

Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies (CPEIS), Birkbeck University of London; Birkbeck Responsible Business Centre (RBC)

Location: Online

Convenor/Organiser: Dr Luca Andriani (Birkbeck University of London)

Contact: luca.andriani@bbk.ac.uk 


We are pleased to announce the 1st Seminar Series on Governance, Institutions, and Sustainability” jointly hosted by the Centre for Political Economy and Institutional Studies and by the Birkbeck Responsible Business Centre, within the Birkbeck Business School 

In our rapidly evolving world, the intricate web connecting governance, institutions, and sustainability has become increasingly prominent. We invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners to enhance this very important debate and to join us in exploring the profound intertwining of these critical elements at our upcoming seminar series.


November 7 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Dr Arkshaya Kamalnath (Australian National University, College of Law)

Diversity in Corporations

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November 21 – Time:  1pm-2pm

Prof Gerhard Schnyder (Loughborough University London)

State-Owned Companies and Climate Change: Part of the problems or part of the solutions?

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November 28 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Dr Blanca Grey (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) Delivering impact in a time of complexity

December 5 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Dr David Gindis (Warwick University)

From the Co-Production to the Joint Production of the Corporate Form

January 16 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Dr Antonio Savoia (University of Manchester) Institutional Change and Persistence: What does the long-run evidence tell us?

January 23 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Dr Elodie Douarin (UCL)

Post-conflict Political Participation, Gender, and Institutions

January 30 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Dr Randolph Bruno (UCL)

Income and Corruption: 1790-2010

February 6

Dr Nadia Von Jacobi (University of Trento)


February 13 – 6pm-7pm

Dr Donatella Saccone (University of Pollenzo and Turin Centre on Emerging Economies)

Dr Marta Marson (Politecnico of Milan)

The nexus between food prices and income inequalities: implications for global food security

February 20 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Prof Silvia Sedita (University of Padova) / Dr Silvia Blasi (University of Verona)


February 27 – Time: 1pm-2pm 

Dr Ayşegül Kayaoğlu (Department of Economics, Instambul Technical University) Ethnic Segregation and Gender Norms

March 5 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Dr Arron Phillips (Birkbeck University of London)

Whistleblowing policy at higher education institute

March 14 – Time: 1pm-2pm

Dr Francesca Gagliardi (University of Hertfordshire)

Cooperatives, Institutional Complementarities, and the Polycentric Governance of Sustainable Development

March 19 – Time: 1pm-2pm 

Prof Sue Konzelman (Birkbeck University of London)

Marc Fovargue-Davies (Cambridge Centre for Business Research) Capitalism, Austerity, and Fascism

Criminology Seminar Series 2023-24

The CPEIS is delighted to co-host along with the Birkbeck Responsible Business Centre and the School of Social Sciences of Birkbeck University of London the Criminology Seminar Series 2023-24.

Launched in 2015, the Criminology Seminar Series provides a platform for critical, path-breaking interdisciplinary research on crime, criminal justice and related themes by scholars within and beyond Birkbeck. 

Attendance is free and open to all. Book your place by following the links below, or email the convenor, Sappho Xenakis


3 October 2023‘Seeing Like a Cop’: Visual and Colonially in spaces of gendered criminalisation with Dr Emma Russell (La Trobe University).

12 October 2023: ‘The Harms and Crimes of the Powerful‘ with Professor Dawn L. Rothe (Florida Atlantic University) and Professor Victoria E. Collins (Eastern Kentucky University).

30 November 2023: ‘The Post Office Scandal: Professional Pathologies and Legality Illusions‘ with Professor Richard Moorhead FAcSS, Professor of Law and Professional Ethics, University of Exeter.

14 March 2024: ‘Stigma and Penalty in the Everyday Lives of Black British Young Women: The Case of Child Q‘ with Dr Esmorie Miller, Lancaster University.