Here you can find resources that we have commissioned with and for practising theatre-makers.

London rehearsal rooms survey

2013:  In 2013, the Centre completed a major survey of spaces available for rehearsals, workshops and auditions in London. Recognising how difficult it is to find cheap and suitable rehearsal spaces in London, and the effect that might have on the viability and finances of many unfunded fringe productions, the Centre successfully applied to the Higher Education Investment Fund (HEIF) to fund theatre director Tom Mansfield to undertake the research and to compile a report. The PDF document provides a narrative overview of the range and cost of spaces in London.  It then presents lists of over 300 spaces, ordered by rate per hour, per day, per week and per square metre.  The Excel sheet  presents this information in a different format and provides the addresses and contact details for each space.

2016:  In 2016, the Centre and the Jerwood Space commissioned theatre director Tom Mansfield to update the major survey of spaces available for rehearsals, workshops and auditions in London that he produced in 2013. Tom writes: ‘In my capacity as Artistic Director of Upstart Theatre, I’ve rehearsed shows in spaces ranging from the back rooms of pubs and actors’ living rooms, to professionally-appointed spaces used by national companies. Rehearsal space is a very substantial part of a small-scale production budget, and in a time of increased rents in London in general, this cost is only getting higher. I hope that the information contained in this study will give theatre makers and producers the information necessary to plan their budgets accordingly.’

You may download these documents free of charge.  Please feel free to distribute them or pass on the link to this page to any theatremaker you think may benefit from this survey.