Alumni support and graduate network

Our students are trained collaboratively in academic and practical work, so that graduates are equipped with a broad range of highly employable skills, ideal for entering the creative industries or undertaking further academic study. Our graduates can be found following a wide range of exciting career paths, including in:

  • academia and education 
  • theatre and performance practice 
  • film, media, and the creative arts 
  • arts leadership, administration and outreach 
  • journalism 
  • advertising and marketing 
  • public relations 
  • policy and strategy for political organisations, charities or NGOs 
  • publishing. 

Graduates can also find ongoing support via the Birkbeck Theatre Alumni network, which is dedicated to creating networking opportunities for graduates of Birkbeck’s theatre programmes, and celebrating their achievements.  The Birkbeck Theatre Annual Alumni Lecture is delivered each year by a graduate of our programmes.

Graduates wishing to learn more about the network, or who wish to share their news, can email us at

Birkbeck Theatre Alumni Annual Lecture 2021: With Diane Page

Watch the lecture here.