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About us

TRIGGER aims to foster organizational change by promoting the role of women in research and academia: not only women are underrepresented in specific scientific disciplines, such as science, technology, engineering, medicine and mathematics (the STEMM subjects), but also there are few women in management roles.

TRIGGER is an applied research project lasting four years and funded under the 7th Framework programme. Besides Birkbeck, it involves partner institutions in Czech Republic, France, Italy and Spain: the underrepresentation of women is firstly addressed by the project partners in their own institution through coordination actions, the results are then shared to create synergies and inputs for future plans and measures.

At Birkbeck, several activities will be undertaken to foster gender equality, mainly involving the School of Science and the School of Business, Economic and Informatics, where women are significantly underrepresented. The aim is not only that of understanding the reasons for underrepresentation, but also to formulate recommendations to the College for its future policies.

The main target group of TRIGGER at Birkbeck are women during the early stages of their scientific careers, but all the academic, research, teaching and administrative staff at Birkbeck will be involved in the different activities that will be organised along the four years of the project.