‘Energy Forum: Thinking about Energy Transitions’, in Saijo City, Ehime, Japan

19 November 2016 - 19 November 2016


As part of our partnership with Saijo City, we organised a public event at the Saijo Culture Centre.


The event featured talks by the Deputy Mayor (delegated by the Mayor); a representative from the regional energy ministry; a civil servant from the energy section of the city; an academic expert on local renewable energy, along with two presentations by the member of the project (Trentmann and Shin).


The event was attended by 139 people excluding speakers and those from the City Office. The participants’ age groups were diverse, as the event was held in conjunction with the presentation of the Drawing Competition prizes, which meant that some of the participants to the competition (primary, secondary and high school students) and their parents attended the event.


The event was featured in a regional newspaper and some online news websites.


One participant noted that the event ‘helped us think about the culture of energy’. The energy section of the City Office acknowledged that the event offered a great opportunity for the section members’ training – the presentation given by one of the members, prepared by the section as a whole, helped them to put the City’s energy-related activity in a broader context.