Tung-Hui Hu The Art of Being Lethargic Workshop

A man crouches next to a box

26 July, 2019

We were pleased and honoured to have the opportunity to host Tung-Hui Hu and workshop his newest project, The Art of Being Lethargic. The forthcoming book brilliantly explores artworks that address the forms of exhaustion, disappointment and apathy that our current digital culture and technology seem to produce. As Hu writes, “The term ‘lethargy’ aims to surface the immobility within the seemingly mobile world of the digital; the agency possible within exhaustion; the inanimism within the human; and the relief that genericness can bring to the individual.”

Tung-Hui Hu is an associate professor in the English department at the University of Michigan. He is the author of A Prehistory of the Cloud (MIT Press, 2015), as well as three books of poetry.