Our project is no longer active. These are our publications between 2013-2017.


War Comes to School: Life at Peckham Central School, London, England, 1943. (Credit: © IWM (D 12190) Imperial War Museums)

‘Europe in Crisis’ blog series

Posts in this series place current developments and debates in a historical context.

Articles and books

A selection of publications by members of the research group, 2014-2016:

  • Dora Vargha, Outbreaks of Disease and War: polio’s history with conflict, The Guardian, May 8, 2014
  • Ana Antic, Therapeutic Fascism: re-educating communists in Nazi-occupied Serbia, 1942-44″, History of Psychiatry, vol. 25, no. 1, 2014, 35-56
  • Ana Antic, “Heroes and Hysterics: ‘Partisan Hysteria’ and Communist State-building in Yugoslavia after 1945,” Social History of Medicine, Vol.27, No.3, August 2014
  • Dora Vargha, “Between East and West: Polio Vaccination across the Iron Curtain in Cold War Hungary”, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, Vol. 88, No.2, Summer 2014
  • Matthew Frank and Jessica Reinisch, editors, Refugees and the Nation-State in Europe, 1919-1959, special issue of Journal of Contemporary History, Vol.49, No.3, July 2014
  • Matthew Frank and Jessica Reinisch, “Introduction: Refugees and the Nation-State in Europe, 1919-1959”, Journal of Contemporary History, Vol.49, No.3, July 2014, pp. 477-490
  • Dora Vargha, Between East and West: Polio vaccination across the iron curtain in cold war Hungary, Bulletin of the History of Medicine, vol. 88, no. 2, 2014, 319-343
  • Dora Vargha and David Brydan, Los antivacunas y el pasado fascista de España, El País, June 12, 2015
  • Johanna Conterio, “Inventing the Subtropics: An Environmental History of Sochi, 1929–36,” Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History, Vol. 16, No. 1, Winter 2015
  • Jessica Reinisch, “’Forever Temporary’: Migrants in Calais, Then and Now”, The Political Quarterly, December 2015, Vol.86, No.4
    Free version here
  • Johanna Conterio, “Heating the Groves: Imported Technology, Transnational Scientific Networks and the Acclimatization of Citrus in the USSR, 1928-1941,” in Bryan Dewalt and Nina Möllers (eds.) Objects in Motion: Globalizing Technology (Smithsonian Institution Press, 2016)
  • Ana Antic, Therapeutic Fascism: Experiencing the Violence of the Nazi New Order (Oxford Studies in Modern European History), Oxford University Press, 2016
  • Ana Antic, “The Pedagogy of Workers’ Self-management: Terror, therapy, and reform communism in Yugoslavia after the Tito-Stalin split,” Journal of Social History, vol. 50, no. 1, 2016, 179-203
  • David Brydan, ‘Axis Internationalism: Spanish Health Experts and the Nazi ’New Europe‘, 1939-1945’, Contemporary European History, 25:2 (May 2016), 291-311
  • Ana Antic, Johanna Conterio, Dora Vargha “Beyond Liberal Internationalism,” in “Agents of Internationalism”, special issue, Contemporary European History 25, no. 2 (May 2016): 359-371
  • Dora Vargha, “After the End of Disease: Rethinking the Epidemic Narrative“, Somatosphere, May 17, 2016
  • Johanna Conterio, “Places of Plenty: Patient Perspectives on Nutrition and Health in the Health Resorts of the USSR, 1917-1953,” Food & History, 14, nos. 1-3 (2016): 113-140
  • Ana Antic, “Therapeutic Violence: Psychoanalysis and the ‘Re-education’ of Political Prisoners in Cold War Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe“, in Daniel Pick and Matt Ffytche (eds.) Psychoanalysis in the Age of Totalitarianism, Routledge, 2016
  • Dora Vargha, “Socialist Utopia in Practice: everyday life and medical authority in a Hungarian polio hospital“, Social History of Medicine, 2017
  • Dora Vargha and Jeremy Greene, “Grey-Market Medicines: Diphtheria antitoxin and the decay of biomedical infrastructure“, The Lancet , 2017
  • Dora Vargha, “Vaccination and the Communist State“, in Holmberg C, Blume S, Greenough P (eds) The Politics of Vaccination. A global history, Manchester: University of Manchester Press, 2017