It is with great pleasure we share the news that Ana Antic has received the prestigious Fraenkel Prize, for her book manuscript:Psychiatry at war: Psychiatric culture and political ideology in Yugoslavia under the Nazi occupation. The Fraenkel Prize, founded by the late Ernst Fraenkel OBE, is awarded by The Wiener Library for an outstanding work of twentieth-century history.

“Antic has written a remarkably original case study in the psycho-social impacts of sustained exposure to violence, both on traumatized individuals and on the psychiatric professionals who treated them as patients. Relying on an unusually rich record of patient files and case notes from wartime and immediately postwar Yugoslavia, Antic opens an unexpected window onto the mental and affective experience of everyday life in conditions of war, occupation and regime change, while also demonstrating the significance of this period as a key transitional moment in the intellectual history of psychiatry.  The study stands out for its deft balancing of the ideological, social and professional dynamics at work in this period, and offers us novel and compelling perspectives on Yugoslavia’s social and political history.”

Congratulations, Ana!