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Pre-histories and Futures of Machine Vision

Friday, 28 February 2020, 10.30 – 17.00

Hochhauser Auditorium, V&A South Kensington, Tickets cost £5.00 - £15.00. Booking is essential.

How do machines see? From autonomous vehicles to deep fakes, machine vision is changing contemporary life. Join curators, artists and scholars to discuss the impact of AI technologies on the past, present and future of art.

Explore early moments in the development of computer art and machine vision, from the mid-1960s onwards in the home of the UK’s most important historic computer art collection.

Join contemporary artists, designers and curators considering the aesthetic and political implications of contemporary computer vision and machine learning technologies. Speakers include digital scholars Zabet Patterson (Stony Brook) and Joel McKim (Birkbeck), V&A curators Douglas Dodds and Natalie Kane, and contemporary artists Anna Ridler and Alan Warburton.

Pre-histories and Futures of Machine Vision

Friday 28 February 2020, 10:30 -16:30

10:00 – 10:30: Registration, Tea and Coffee

10:30: Welcome

10:45: Douglas Dodds, Senior Curator V&A “Vision and Accident: Creating the V&A’s Computational Art Collection”

11:25: Zabet Patterson, Stony Brook University "A Portrait by a Computer As a Young Artist"

12:05: Joel McKim, Birkbeck “Cybernetic Visions: Early Experiments in AI by UK Computer Artists”

12:45:  Q&A Morning Speakers

1:00-2:00: Lunch

2:00: Anna Ridler, Artist “Automated Dreaming: Using AI in a Creative Practise”

2:40: Alan Warburton, Artist “RGBFAQ”

3:20: Natalie Kane, Curator of Digital Design V&A and Tobias Revell, Artist and Designer “What if Our World is Their Heaven?”

4:00: Roundtable and Q&A with Afternoon Speakers

4:30: Event End

4:30 – 5:30: After Event Drinks

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