We’re excited to announce that the articles of our Contemporary European History special issue on ‘Agents of Internationalism’ are free to download from today, for the next seven days.

Jessica Reinisch, Agents of Internationalism

Katharina Kreuder-Sonnen, From Transnationalism to Olympic Internationalism: Polish Medical Experts and International Scientific Exchange, 1885-1939

Alexander Watson, Managing an ‘Army of Peoples’: Identity, Command and Performance in the Habsburg Officer Corps, 1914-1918

Francesca Piana, The Dangers of ‘Going Native’: George Montandon in Siberia and the International Committee of the Red Cross, 1919-1922

Christine von Oertzen, Whose World? Internationalism, Nationalism and the Struggle over the ‘Language Question’ in the International Federation of University Women, 1919-1922

David Brydan, Axis Internationalism: Spanish Health Experts and the Nazi ‘New Europe’, 1939-1945

Celia Donert, From Communist Internationalism to Human Rights: Gender, Violence and International Law in the Women’s International Democratic Federation Mission to North Korea, 1951

Bertrand Taithe, The Cradle of the New Humanitarian System? International Worl and European Volunteers at the Cambodian Border Camps, 1979-1993

Ana Antic, Johanna Conterio and Dora Vargha, Beyond Liberal Internationalism

Charlotte Faucher, Cultural Diplomacy and International Cultural Relations in Twentieth-Century Europe

Jennifer Johnson, New Directions in the History of Medicine in European, Colonial and Transimperial Contexts