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Safeguarding issues and other causes for concern

The College has a Safeguarding Policy and Procedure which outlines the College's approach to ensuring the safeguaring of all members of the College community.

Academic and professional support who have any concerns about a student’s wellbeing or behaviour can refer an issue to the Safeguarding team by completing a Cause for Concern referral form or by speaking to one of the College safeguarding officers.

Eleanor Mongey and Simon Deville can be contacted at For staff safeguarding issues please contact the Director of HR at

The team aim to provide clear guidelines and procedures for identifying risks, reporting concerns and ensuring that appropriate action is taken where there are concerns that children, young people or adults in vulnerable situations are or are in danger of:

  • Abuse (abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, domestic, financial, exploitative or neglect/abandonment)
  • Harassment or stalking behaviour
  • Behaviours which cause harm to themselves or to others
  • Forced (as opposed to arranged) marriage
  • Suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harm to others
  • Deteriorating mental health
  • Risk of students withdrawing from their studies
  • Any other concerns relating to a student’s wellbeing

The safeguarding team can also support staff in managing student behaviour that impacts negatively on other students, such as disruptive behaviour in the classroom.

Cases discussed are confidential, and our staff are happy to discuss any safeguarding issue or cause for concern in confidence with any student or member of staff, however we may be required to breach confidentiality in circumstances where we believe that a student poses an immediate threat to themselves or others, or where illegal activities are involved.