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- Mike Weller

My problem with the aesthetics of the Web medium is that content is never entirely free from controlling hardware and software. The notion of direct access (to open technologies like wiki) is perhaps something of an illusion (paper can at least be self-manufactured from old pulp in bath tub or sink!).

Having said this, I am committed to plug away with social and political groupings like the social forums with their aims of affecting progressive change at risk of political failure(s) - as I am with contemporary experiments in poetics and opportunities for success(es).

My 'Reading' is an expression of these interfaces. Could be short-lived phenomenon - a 'moment' generated by Web illusions before subsequent irrelevance?

Conclude with interesting 'web-action' closer to spirit perhaps to last sentences of your e-mail conclude.

London Social Forum (LSF) is part of a worldwide network of Social Forums including the World Social Forum (WSF). LSF is among the first of the newer political and social bodies in the UK using information technologies with free access and imagination - for networking, organising, and campaigning.

In theory, wiki technology enables visitors open access to the LSF website to add data and self-edit. I have used wiki to announce both local forum-related events and London Under Construction's Underground Poems (LUC UP) initiative


how-wiki-went-wong 4me

by Zoe Zephyr...


(guide to potential wiki users on London Social Forum (LSF) website sent to LSF e-list 19/3/04 by 1st player in website management team).
The whole website is powered by the same wiki technology so the whole site is a wiki of sorts.

Once you fully embrace openness however, you'll realise that even allowing anyone to edit anything would not really be that much of a problem. Any malicious edits can quite easily be changed back with using undo function (accessible via

For example, Wikipedia, the largest encyclopaedia in the world, is totally open, and openness is the key to its success (as with Linux, Apache etc. etc.) The same people who created wikipedia started with the Nupedia project - but that never took off since people had to register (raising the barrier for participation and making it harder for passer-by to contribute).

I once maliciously edited a major page on Wikipedia (i.e. How to edit a page) - in 8 minutes someone changed it back. And that was before it was anywhere like as big as it is now.

(my mail sent to LSF e-list 16/5/04)

Full details about LUC UP are wiki'd on LSF's website. Penge Forum is wiki'd @ events I've suggested the Penge Forum executive place similar wording on local publicity nearer the time.

July 7's Penge Forum is in the holiday/expected low turnout season, so there'll be an extra element of radical satisfaction if expectations are confounded.
Zoe Zephyr

(mail sent to LSF list 17/5/04 by 2nd player in website management team...have i done something wrong i wonder?)

Dear Zoe,
Is this the same Penge Forum as in these links?

Is there anything about this organisation that we should know?
I am puzzled why the person who added the Penge event to London Social Forum's page of Related Events delete so much else from the page. I would be grateful to know why this was done and what the purpose of this action was - now restored (hopefully) at some considerable expense of time.

(my 'haven't done anything wrong mail' sent to LSF list 17/5/04)

Yes, same Penge Forum as
And yes, It was I who wiki'd details about July 7 to Firstly, to play with wiki-ing a couple of months ago. Then a couple of times to tidy up. Lastly, last week to change 'Memorial Hall' to 'Memorial Room' (venue's accurate name). Haven't deleted anything I assure you - it was all there when I returned to the Related Events page after amending. Shame if someone is abusing the technology.
Zoe Zephyr

(Zoe 'you're a wrecker' mail sent to LSF list 17/5/04 by 2nd player in website management team)

The technology, as I understand it, shows the record of amendments.
Red = removed, green = added. Sorry to be a total bore about this, but it is even more boring to have to do this work over again.

The record shows that in the same editing session of changing "Hall" to "Room" - see below, archived calendars from March and April were added back to the page, May was replaced by a shorter version, and some later events and links are deleted. If you, Zoe, did not do it, was someone else working on your machine at the same time?
Or could separate editing sessions have been recorded the same page?

Later editing sessions show the work I did in restoring the page.
It records a new editing session each time you save the page.
This matter is of some importance in joint managing of an important website. People who are putting time into this cannot afford to have other people wrecking their work.
Do I make myself clear?

(it went off by itself, honestly - i'm back at school in the headteacher's office apologising once again for equipment that i swear self-destructs) sent by me to LSF list (18/5/04)

Sorry if I messed things up and made extra work for the website team. It wasn't intentional. I was under the impression from earlier invitations to play that wiki was fairly indestructible - otherwise I would have sought the helpline and been more cautious. Please accept my apologies
Zoe Zephyr

(apology grudgingly accepted 10 days later - sent to LSF list 29/5/04 by 2nd player)

Luckily it could be repaired but at the expense of considerable time. Apology accepted - as long as you remember the difference between a tool and a toy.
I've added Penge to this page - not sure if it's a Social Forum, but anyway:

(ok thanks for doing that - but getting bit pissed off at treatment from headmistress. my return mail 30/5/04)

Thank you for adding Penge to the page. Penge Forum (PF) is pre-Seattle and pre-Porto Alegre. It was formed 40 years ago when the London Borough of Bromley took over local powers of Penge, Anerley and Crystal Palace's autonomous Urban District Council.

Many here look forward very much to the speaker's presentation on July 7, as well as positive contributions from other LSFers. Perhaps the evening will be so effective, PF will designate itself a local social forum and formally join the sf networks.

Now this naming and flaming me for wrecking webpages - I don't have a registered username or password to edit the main site. So how come I was allowed to do so much damage?

Sending out on-list invitations to >Please go and have a play now< (21/3/04) without securing more preventive measures from misuse is hardly responsible. Accepting there must be a level of shared responsibility, I don't see why I should take the rap personally. So if those with more expertise than I are serious about managing and securing the website, they have a lesson to learn from this too.
Zoe Zephyr

(ah, intervention from supportive LSF e-list correspondent sent 30/5/04)

the wiki is new to many of us, and can only be a place of experimentation. Zoe and everybody else, please keep experimenting. (To No.2 - addressed to 2nd website team player) Please keep in mind that the difference between toy and tool is blurred when experimenting. The entire philosophy of wiki is about people having direct access, hence errors and mistakes are part of the game.

Obviously there is a risk., but the cost to compensate for the risk should not be too high. As I understand it, it should not be difficult to go back to a previous page version. (To No 1-addressed to 1st website team player...) Can you please confirm this if you know something we don't, as (no 2) says that it took her a considerable amount of work to go to a previous version?.

(now who's got a problem...the headmistress signs off 31/5/04)

Thank you for the history on Penge - interesting.

I must say I agree with you about security on the events listing page.
When I complained personally to the guy who I believe holds the keys he said he was sure you didn't do it on purpose, which is of course just the point you have should have been better.

(To the interventionist...) the previous AMENDMENTS are shown, ie what has been added and what has been deleted, but I still had to go through and reconstruct it piece by piece to get back to what was there before - the previous version may have been saved, but I could not access it.

My suggestion was that the events page could have an open "add" section, and the existing page would be only for people with passwords but then someone would have the chore of integrating the new material. How do people feel about that? I've just added a note on the agenda.

PS Zoe, I thought "" was when loads of people send messages

(Something of an mail sent 21/7/04 to Dublin-based non-de-plume cartoonist-writer and graphics critic, Sean MacRoibin. Sean co-ordinates his own Dark Light short-story webstie...)

I introduced your own blogspot to moderators of new Web 'Readings'... Fascinated by detourned Microsoft dialogue box that opens your site. I am hoping they'll reference it in the contribution I've submitted.

(Sean's reply 22/7/2004)

Wow Zoe! Thanks for behind-the-scenes plug! That pop-up box came courtesy of a little bit of Java Script I picked up a few years back. Easily done.

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