Mace Experimental Research Laboratories in Neuroscience (MERLiN) comprises a suite of laboratories located in the basement of the Malet Street building.

Professor Anne Richards is the director of these facilities, which were named after Professor Cecil Alex Mace, a noted psychologist and philosopher and Chair in Psychology at Birkbeck from 1944 to 1961.

MERLiN houses acoustic booths for electrophysiological, optical and psychophysiological research; sound attenuated-booths booths for eye-tracking and behavioural research; research preparation areas; and an open-plan office area for research staff and postgraduate students. Several research laboratories are located within MERLiN including:

The research areas are equipped for electrophysiological, psychophysiological, vision, auditory, eye-tracking and general behavioural research.

Take part in our research

In order to participate in the experiments carried out at MERLiN please sign up to the Birkbeck Sona Experiment Management System.