Roberto Filippi
Position: Honorary Research Fellow
Office: 32, Torrington Square
Room 202
Phone: 020 7631 6---
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I completed my PhD at Birkbeck on the topic of second language development. I am currently a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at UCL Institute of Education, and Director of MULTAC (Multilanguage & Cognition Lab).

My research focuses on second language acquisition and its effects on attention and executive control. Does bilingualism enhance cognitive functioning in childhood and adulthood? How do bilinguals manage to control their two languages? Will brain structure change as a function of increased ability to control both languages? These are some of the most important questions that I address in my research by using a combination of behavioural, computational and neuroimaging techniques.



Filippi, R. (2011). Cognitive control and bilingual language development: Attention and executive functions. Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of London. Click here for PDF (9.5mb)

Richardson, F., Thomas, M.S.C, F., Filippi, R., Harth, H., and Price, C.J. (2009). Contrasting effects on vocabulary knowledge on temporal and parietal brain structures across lifespan. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 83, 109-113.

Filippi, R., Richardson, F., Dick, F., Leech, R., Green, D.W., Thomas, M.S.C., and Price, C.J. (submitted). The right posterior paravermis and the control of verbal interference in bilinguals. Manuscript submitted for publication - Journal of Neuroscience.

Filippi, R., Leech, R., Thomas, M. S. C., Green, D. W., & Dick, F. (2012). A bilingual advantage in controlling language interference during sentence comprehension. Bilingualism: Language & Cognition. Click here for pdf (360k)

Filippi, R., Karaminis, T., & Thomas, M. S. C. (in press). Language switching in bilingual production: empirical data and computational modelling. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition. Click here for PDF of final draft (1.2mb)


Publications in preparation

Filippi, R., Karmiloff-Smith, A. (in prep.). What can developmental disorders teach us about typical development? Invited chapter for Marshall, C. R. (Ed.) Current issues in developmental psychology. London, UK: Psychology Press.

Filippi, R., Richardson, F., Dick, F., Leech, R., Green, D.W., Thomas, M.S.C., and Price, C.J. (in prep.). The cerebellum and its involvement in the control of verbal and non-verbal interference: a VBM study with adult late bilinguals.

Filippi, R., Green, D.W. (in prep.). Local dynamics of language control in Italian-English bilingual speakers.


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