Hala Alireza
Position: Graduate Student
Office: Room xx, Main Building
Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX
Phone: 020 7631 6xxx
Fax: 020 7631 6312
Email: halalireza@yahoo.co.uk


I am studying for a PhD at Birkbeck College under the supervision of Professor Michael Thomas. The title of my project is "Mechanisms of intervention and the interface with Clinical Practice: The example of Word Finding Difficulties".

This research is part of a larger project whose principal aim is to find out 'what works', in terms of intervention for developmental disorders of language and cognition.

Part of my project will be to work on the computational model that has been developed so far by Professor Michael Thomas and Dr. Anna Fedor. Data for behavioral intervention from both practitioners' accounts and a computational model will be taken into consideration.


Alireza, H. (2013). xxxx. Unpublished MSc Thesis, University of London.