Cathy Rogers
Position: Masters student
Office: 7 Bedford Square
Birkbeck, University of London, Malet Street
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I am currently a student on the MSc in Educational Neuroscience and will be starting my PhD in 2016.

My PhD project will be exploring the relationship between executive function and creativity in children. Is there a correlation between the two, whether positive or negative? And what effect, if any, does EF training have on creativity? Might it improve it - by helping children to 'stay on' a creativity task? Or might it lead children to over focus and miss novel or counterintuitive connections? Or neither?

My first degree was in Human Sciences in Oxford, after which I did most of a medical degree at UCL and an MSc in Health Planning and Finance at LSE/LSHTM. I have spent the last twenty years working as a producer, presenter and creative director in the TV industry.