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Our work strand resources

Welcome to our wirk strand resources section. To access these resources, browse through the categories and/or menus to open the documents.

Resource categories:

About Linking London

A leaflet which set out the original aims of the Linking London network, and the advantages of being a member of the network.

Credit, APEL & Qualifications Frameworks

The resources in this section give information about credit systems and processes (such as APEL) and qualifications and credit frameworks in the regulated sector (QCF) and in Higher Education (FHEQ). Since the launch of the QCF, the revision of the FHEQ and through the work of the Joint Forum for Higher Levels (JFHL) the two frameworks have established significant common ground and compatibility. There are also copies of the SEEC level descriptors used in many credit based HEIs and the NICATS desciptors used in many HEIs and also in the QCF. Information about the QAA qualifications descriptors used in HE are contained in section 4 of the FHEQ document.

Employability & Engagement

Information on our employability and employer engagement workstrand.

eSystems & eLearning

Some information on our eSystems and eLearning workstrand - including XCRI Projects.


Linking London was part of a national programme of Lifelong Learning Networks funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). As an organisation funded mainly through public funds, we ensure that we are transparent and accountable in the way we use our money. The Lifelong Learning Networks (LLNs) were the largest initiative of this kind set up by HEFCE, it has therefore been important to evaluate how it has worked and what can been learnt from a project of this kind. Linking London has been part a national evaluation and a longitudinal evaluation of our individual network. In this section we share the outcomes of these evaluations.

FE/HE Policy and Advocacy

In this section, you will find key pieces of government policy relating to Higher and Further Education, we hope that by putting all these papers in one place it has been a useful resource for partners. In this section, you can also read about the lobbying work Linking London LLN has done to ensure that 'fairer access' for vocational learners remains on the political agenda. We also made this section the home for our monthly round-up of policy, called FE/HE Matters, pulling together all the developments affecting the sectors over the last year and a half of operation.

IAG & Progression

The following resources have been developed to support advisers, admissions staff and vocational applicants to higher education. The vast majority of IAG resources to support HE progression are focussed on young learners studying A-levels who are planning to progress onto full time HE study. These resources, developed by the Linking London team, aimed to fill this gap and help advisers feel more confident in supporting vocational applicants in making well informed and successful applications to full time or part time HE.

Resources include information on both full and part time HE study and were aimed at both younger learners in school 6th forms and colleges, and older learners in education and the workplace. Resources have also been developed to help inform admissions staff when receiving applications from vocational applicants about these qualifications and how to make meaningful and clear offers to them. Resources include a Routes into HE postcard and the Routes into HE: A Good Practice Guide to Admissions. In addition Linking London has produced a range of detailed vocational qualifications guides which you will find in the qualifications resources (Our Work Resources section) of this website.

Qualifications Resources

Here you will browse information on the key qualifications that were in our remit, including the Access to HE Diploma, Apprenticeships, BTEC Nationals, 14-19 Diplomas, and Professional Qualifications.

Using Data for Planning

The resources below provide information which may be useful to members when engaging with strategic planning. There is a key report, and a shorter overview, from UKCES (UK Commission for Employment and Skills) that helped to identify existing and future skills needs, a brochure written by Linking London, working with Skills for Health to identify opportunities for our HEI and FEC partners to support the workforce of the NHS and its allied professions, links to other repositories of Labour Market Information and websites that we hope you find useful.

Our resources

Our resources

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