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Progression Agreements

From 2006-2011, HEFCE through the setting up of lifelong learning networks (LLNs) saw the use progression agreements as a central tool for improving the progression of vocational learners from level three onwards.

A written account of the work around progression over the last five years can be found in the recent Linking London publication "The Progression Story".

Over 5 years, a total of 78 progression agreements have been generated: from, to and between institutions within the network and often involving other organisations outside of our geographical area of Central, East and North London.

For an archive list of the 78 PAs brokered between 2006-2011, click on the link entitled "Existing PAs" on the left hand side of this page. 

The Progression Toolkit (accessible via the link on the left), the culimination of five years of experience and learning in this area, provides an adaptable template for institutions working in this area.




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Academic Progress

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